Saturday, September 14, 2013

For I know the plans I have for you

This is a 2-for-1 blog post! First the information about some special gifts:

A friend of mine recently had a baby. He is her fourth child and was a surprise :) I wanted to encourage my friend that even though little Luke wasn't planned by mom and dad, God certainly has plans for him! Isn't that great news we can rest in as parents?!
Another friend is expecting her third baby. They already have a boy and a girl, so they are keeping the gender of this one a surprise until delivery. But either way, they will name the baby Miller. Isn't that a neat concept?! So I made a similar set, using gender neutral colors.
Both sets use Itch 2 Stitch's Jeremiah 29:11 Add a Name design, and I added their names with I2S's Rockford.

Now a little bit more behind the scenes story that might interest my embroidery friends.
We had an I2S customer struggling with her efforts to put this design on a burp cloth. Since at that moment I had not used the design yet, I decided to test it myself on a burp cloth. I'll be completely honest with you, when I opened the 4x4 design in my software I thought, hmmmm.... I would never choose to use this on a burp cloth. The text was simply too delicate for a thick item IMHO. But I did it anyway. I had no problems at all:
But when you compare the picture of the exact same design on a onesie, you can see what a difference there is between embroidering text on a thick burp cloth and knit onesie. I love the way this turned out with the blues and greens!
In relaying my thoughts to Cristy I told her this is a case where I as a customer would either opt to not use it on a burp cloth, or significantly fiddle with pull compensation in my software. Does that mean there is anything wrong with the original design? NO! I think sometimes we expect EVERY design to be perfect for EVERY situation. And that simply isn't always going to be the case. That's why I LOVE having software to manipulate designs to suit my particular situation.

BUT Cristy decided to go back and update this design, making the text bolder. :) So if you have previously purchased the Jeremiah 29:11 design, you can go back and download a new version! I tested it for her on Miller's set. This is the burp cloth:
and this is the onesie. Still a significant difference between the two items due to thickness, but maybe the design is a bit more versatile now.
Can I say how much I love this 2-for-1 deal?! I got to help trouble shoot with a customer getting her back on track for her own project, and I got to give a really special gift to two of my friends! Best of both worlds!! This huge baby boom going on in my world (FOURTEEN babies since March) has given me so many opportunities to play.

1 comments on "For I know the plans I have for you" on September 15, 2013 at 5:48 AM said...

Your post touches on something I have thought of frequently. I digitise all my own designs, don't sell, digitising is just my hobby. I have a friend who does not digitise and do not want to. She is a prolific embroiderer and has a huge collection of designs. I am frequently telling her when she is annoyed by a design that will not stitch out nicely that it has not been digitised for the fabric she is putting it on. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to stabilisers but I cannot seem to get through to her that it is not the stabiliser but the pull compensation and the overall use of fills, outlines and columns that is the trouble. I think it would be enormously helpful if digitisers would list on their web-site not only what format the design is in but also what kind of fabric it is suitable for. I know I am in the minority of embroiderers because I don't buy designs but I can understand that embroiderers who buy can get frustrated when no matter what stabiliser they use and how experienced they are they try to use a design that is digitised for another kind of fabric than what they plan to use.
I hope my friend reads you post and if she has not I will make sure she does. Congratulations on your "new job" I hope you will enjoy your new adventure but also be able to go on playing.





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