Sunday, October 13, 2013

Banner for Miller

Another baby shower a few weeks ago meant another name banner!
This time though, I went straight to the momma for fabric. Miller's mom is a great seamstress and had made the crib bedding herself. So when I was commissioned to make the name banner (using the Frayed Block Letters from Hang To Dry), I asked my friend Katie for scraps. I figured it would be better to use the exact same fabrics than guess at grays and oranges. And lucky me,  pregnancy brain prevented her from deducing why I asked for it. Ha!
My original plan was to alternate gray and orange, but then when I saw there were three gray/white patterns and one solid orange I decided to try something new. I used orange flannel (instead of white) and orange on the back with the gray prints on the top. I did the quilting in orange, and then when I trimmed, I trimmed the gray closer to the design, leaving an orange border around each letter. It was a bit more tedious, but I really like how it turned out! I tied them all together with the solid orange as well.
Here it is hanging above Miller's crib! The wall was just waiting for the banner :)

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