Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nerd Lunch Podcast Polos

I do lots of embroidery for my family, but rarely for my husband... He's just not all that into appliqué ;)
BUT he did make a request... Oh, about a year ago? He has his own blog and records a weekly podcast with like-minded friends, The Nerd Lunch Podcast. He asked if I could get his logo digitized to embroider on items.
Last year I contacted Whitney of That's Sew Grammie to see if she was up to the challenge. This logo includes fading checkerboard, gradient background, reflection highlights, and lots of lettering. All squeezed into a 4" wide design and stitched with thread?! She tackled it with a "bring it on!" attitude.

The first draft design attempted to cover all bases. I tested it as is, and then stitched a simplified version.
Then I took my tests with me to the Appliqué Getaway and got to show them to Whitney in person. We talked it over there, with the intention of finishing once we were both home and recovered. I look really tired here...

Fast forward several months...

My husband was going to meet up with his podcasting friends and asked, "hey could you actually finish that project from long ago and embroider shirts?" Ha! So I contacted Whitney and we got it finished up. Had to recall all the things we discussed in person:
-the checkerboard turned out awesome!
-We decided that my thread choice for the gradient was too harsh, so I swapped the white underneath to a dark orange and then it worked great! Thrilled with the gradient effect.
-The top stitching on the text "Nerd Lunch" was a valiant effort, but at this size didn't translate well in thread, so it was eliminated.
-We altered the stitch style of the top stitching for the highlights on the box
-and believe it or not, I asked for a skinnier version of Podcast. That's probably a rare request since we all love our wide satin stitch fonts! ;)

Then I stitched it a few more times to get my thread choices just right.
 I finally put it on three polos and sent him out the door for a road trip! Pardon my photography, this was literally a late night before he left photo shoot...

Here they are together! (My guy is on the right. He's got long arms to do a group selfie. Ha!)
We were please how it came out, ESPECIALLY considering how non-embroidery friendly the logo was to start with! :) So if you are looking for some custom digitizing, I would highly recommend Whitney! You can find her on Facebook and her site That's Sew Grammie

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