Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby gift for Wilder

I recently made this gift set for friends of ours that had a second little boy:
I made matching shirts for Wilder and his big brother using I2S Box Font, and added their names with Girls Have Secrets. You know what my secret is? This font is great for boys! Ha!
I couldn't decide if I should outline the letter in red and do name in blue, or vice versa. Decided to do one of each!
For the burp cloth I used this little monster design (from The Applique Club) and added his name with Behind These Hazel Eyes:
and the bib... well like Shepherd's bib when he was a baby, it is a bit of an inside joke from one dad to another. Both my husband and Wilder's dad enjoy James Bond movies (they record a podcast together in fact). This came up as a joke and had to be made into a reality.
This project was one where BX files saved the day! Can you imagine merging all this letter by letter, especially when you weren't sure what font to use in the first place?! I typed the phrase in Embrilliance, scrolled through several different fonts to decide which one I wanted to use (Covered by Your Grace), then once I picked it, I save the design as a PES file. Then I opened in Embird to get it sized exactly as I wanted (kept height the same but squashed the width to fit on the bib) and adjusted the pull compensation to thicken up the letters to stitch better on the terry bib. So fast and came out perfect!
You can see the little cutie wearing the bib on Tumblr

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Rob O'Neill on July 9, 2014 at 1:32 AM said...

Oh, you're a very sweet person. This gift set looks so nice. For sure your friend loves it so much.





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