Sunday, September 6, 2009

Misc. minor stitching

So you are probably thinking what I was thinking: with Annaliese in kindergarten all day Janay is going to be doing even more stitching than ever! New blog post every day, right??

Ah, well... two things.
(1) Dashiell decided to pull to standing on Annaliese's first day of school. Since then he has started cruising around furniture. All he wants to do is stand. He is no longer content to play in the exersaucer or pack-n-play for a significant amount of time. I'm not sure how I'm going to get anything done ever again.
(2) Carlin's been coughing for over 5 weeks, and I'm starting week 3 of my cough. Found out Friday that I tested positive for pertussis. LOVELY. So my cough most likely will just get worse with more whooping over the next few weeks. Almost done with antibiotic so I'm not contagious. But if you haven't gotten your booster in the last 10 years, consider requesting that at your next appt. This is not fun.

SO... I haven't done much stitching since my last post. Just a few small things here and there.
I made a small contribution to a cute ensemble. Kathy made Annaliese an "I LOVE SCHOOL" shirt. My mom also wanted to make something special for the beginning of school, so I suggested a coordinating twirl skirt. Kathy shared her leftover fabric, and Mom made a skirt for Annaliese and her bear April.

You can see that April is wearing a plain shirt in the picture, and that just can't be. So I stitched "I LOVE SCHOOL" on a onesie for April. It was too small to do an applique like Annaliese's. I used Embird Alphabet #8, rotating the letters to imitate the original design. We couldn't decide what thread color to use, and settled on the variegated one.

Rebecca asked for a couple keychains to attach to her daughter's backpack and lunchbox to label them. The benefit is they can be removed and attached to new items in the future! I used Embird Alphabet #8; couldn't decide between pink or aqua thread, so I did one of each.

I actually did a little something for myself, too. I need my license when I go into Annaliese's school, and it's such a hassle to carry my purse around and dig it out of my wallet while holding Dashiell. So I finally stitched an insert for a Vinyl Debit Card holder that Kathy gave me a long time ago. The insert design is from Embroidery Garden, the "J" is Empire font from Embroidery Arts. I chose the material and thread to match the fall purse I made last year.

Yesterday I whipped out a couple reversible A-line dresses. Nothing fancy to merit photographing, just using some free fabric Daisha gave me a while back. I needed a sample size 1 and size 2 for some orders I've received. Need to make sure the upcoming birthday girl will have a dress that fits! :)

Ok, hopefully it won't be 2 weeks before I post again.

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Tiffany on September 9, 2009 at 12:20 PM said...

Adorable, as always. I love that April got in on the action, too!





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