Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four-letter Monograms

When I found out my nephew was going to have two middle names I started playing with 4-letter monograms. I posted a preview of some ideas in an appliqué group, and received some additional suggestions, too. So I decided to try them all!
For simplicity I used the same font for all of these and picked 8CP's Riddles.  I was looking for a classic looking font for a boy, something more on the tall side, and satin in 1, 2, and 3".  This one fit the bill!
First just 4 initials in a row as they appear in his name
Then a stacked monogram, where the first three initials are about 1" tall and the last initial is 3" tall.
Someone suggested putting the three little initials inside the C. That wouldn't work with every monogram though :)
Another suggestion was put the three little initials horizontally across the larger last initial
I tried an extension of the traditional three letter monogram with first initial on left, the two middle initials on the right, and a larger last initial in the middle. This one simply has the middle initials stacked
And this has them kind of nestled together
It was fun to come up with these options and stitch out samples on functional burp cloths for my nephew. (These were colored cloth diapers I bought over four years ago when my son was an infant but I didn't use them all for him, and they have been sitting here waiting for this project since then.)
I still can't settle on a favorite, what do you think??
But here's the funny thing... They plan to call Ezekiel "Zeke" and there isn't a Z on these anywhere! Ha!

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Linda Vaias on August 12, 2013 at 7:23 PM said...

I like the one with the first three letters in vertical form with the large C, the top right one on the first photo.

Linda V





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