Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another quick superhero-themed shirt for my boy

Yesterday Dashiell told me that he wanted a Venom shirt. I told him I couldn't do it right then but could work on it over the weekend. Then he said to me, "Remember, Lyndsie has to make a design and then send it to your computer!" That made me laugh out loud! Maybe at five years old he does kind of get the process... I've obviously tested a lot of LP designs for my kids to refer to Lyndsie by name!  A bit later he clarified that he didn't want a "cutie pie" design but the actual Venom symbol. :) So I digitized it myself!
I used a triple bean stitch to tack down the knit and trimmed it out of the hoop. Quick stitch, only 5 minutes I think, but MAN that took a while to trim. I didn't get a flat close-up image of the shirt -- it was grabbed and put on immediately.
I wonder what he's going to ask for next?

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