Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

One of my husband's coworkers and his wife are expecting a baby within the next few weeks. They have chosen to keep the gender of their child a surprise until delivery, so we couldn't go with the typical personalized gift items. That's ok, I had a couple neat ideas.
First, I headed to Home Depot, pulled up their blog on my phone and got the paint swatches they used to paint the baby's nursery.  Beautiful gender neutral colors. Searched my fabric and ribbon stash, nothing matched. Headed to JoAnns, nothing matched. Unbelievable. I finally settled on a polka dot flannel. The lime is a bit bolder than the paint, but good enough.  Actually some of the dots on the flannel match the blue hydrangea color pretty well, but couldn't find any ribbon that would work. So this gift is inspired by the color palette, but not an exact match. :)  They have also decorated the baby's room with pandas galore, so here is Little Baby Thomas' custom ribbon blanket:
The applique panda is from Embroidery Library. I used the same minkee as what is on the back.

The other item I stitched for Little Baby Thomas is a bib. They have a dog named Joker, so I recreated a bib I did about three years ago.
I quickly selected the gender neutral lime green bib from my stash, but spent quite a bit of time picking the thread color. I do have a blue hydrangea-like color, but I was afraid there wouldn't be enough contrast for it to be really legible. Then later the most obvious choice hit me.  Joker.  Of course it had to be a green and purple bib. So there you go, a little tiny tribute to Marc's nerdhood.

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