Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love Bug

Annaliese has had a pair of ladybug socks for... um... a LONG time. Throughout the years she has asked for a matching shirt, but it really never made my priority list. This week she asked yet again, so I looked more seriously for an applique design that would closely match. We picked this Love Bug design from 8CP. As we selected fabrics together she exclaimed, "I will finally get to wear these socks in public!!" as if not having a matching shirt has prevented it for all this time. (insert eye roll)
Anyway, it sure turned out cute!! I was thrilled to find a design that had heart shaped dots AND the Love Bug text already merged together! I anticipated having to do a bunch of design editing to accomplish my goal, but I didn't! Woo-hoo!
She's quite pleased:
Quick side note, gotta love a wonky shirt. :/ And this is from Gymboree! I'm usually very diligent at examining shirts in stores before buying, I don't know how it passed inspection. Oh well, at least it was on clearance with additional sale. It was really hard to decide how to place the design since nothing is straight or even. Ultimately I centered with neckline instead of width across. Thankfully it looks good on!

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