Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monogrammed polos for my boy

Grandma sent Dashiell a couple of polos, and I added his monogram to them this weekend.
(Pardon the photography, I've given up getting a good picture of a red shirt.)
The stacked monogram on the navy shirt uses Back to Basics from 8CP. I used the half inch size for D and V and 1" size for the T (maybe a touch of resizing and adjusting pull compensation to get it to form a little square). Super pleased how it turned out, literally a 2 minute stitch time. Took longer to hoop the shirt!
The traditional monogram on the red shirt is 8CP's brand new Formal Monogram. I used the 2" size.
He wore the navy polo to shirt this morning, but would not cooperate when I asked to take a picture. This is what I got. :)

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