Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Filling recent orders

Wow... it's been two and half weeks since I last posted. That may be the biggest gap since I started this blog... Anyone care to do the research to support that? :) As I mentioned earlier, morning sickness has hit me pretty hard and I haven't been up to sewing. But a combination of three things motivated me to get some sewing done. First, a couple of these orders are overdue, my parents are arriving for a visit tomorrow and I need to pack up my sewing studio so we have a dining room to eat in, and finally, I actually felt pretty good Sunday evening and all day today!

I made a hooded towel for Kylie. After Kenzie received her towel as a birthday gift, Valerie and Kylie decided she needed one, too. We picked the aqua ribbon to match her swimsuit. The text was added with Embird Alphabet #38.

Sabrina and her team had given a co-worker a gift certificate as a baby shower gift. A few weeks ago Lily was born, and her parents and I worked up the design and color scheme for this set:

The monogram is from the Dot Alphabet I originally got on Sew Forum (now available at Julia's Needle Designs), and the name was added with Five Star Font's Whimsy Alphabet.

Finally, Rachel ordered a set for her co-worker who recently had a baby girl. She sent me a picture of the nursery set they picked out, so I picked designs and thread colors to coordinate.

First of all I used the same Dot monogram mentioned above:

For the second burp I used a frame from AK Designs Boutique and added her monogram with Monogram KK from Sew Crazie Designs.

For the bib I used a Curlz design, also from Sew Crazie Designs.

Whew! I'm tired... off to bed. Hopefully it won't be so long before I post again!





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