Sunday, August 31, 2008

Casserole Cover for Me!!

Back in December I made casserole covers for my mom and mother-in-law for Christmas. Then the day after Christmas I went shopping and bought a TON of the same placemats to have on hand for future gifts and orders. I am just now getting around to using them. We had a potluck scheduled last Sunday and I decided it was time I made one for myself. I didn't end up getting to use it since church was canceled due to Tropical Storm Fay, but at least it finally motivated me to make one! When I do get to use it, it will serve as a decorative carrier to potlucks, an identifier for who made the yummy dish, and be used as a hot pad underneath the pan. It can accommodate up to a covered 9"x13" pan.

The mouse design is a free sample from Artistic Thread Works from the Stick-Kitchen-Mice Embroidery Design Set. The checkered border is a freebie from Embroidery Garden. I added the text with Embird Alphabet #8.

Another Special Delivery

Michelle has a friend who recently gave birth. She asked for a Special Delivery onesies for the little boy (design from Sew Terific). I've had it stitched for over a week, but I'm just now getting around to updating my blog...

I love the blue on blue for this design -- I look forward to stitching one for my son in about 4 months!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Girl Gift Set

Kristen P. requested a gift set for a friend who just had a baby girl named Kyla:

The burp cloth design is Five Star Font's Whimsy Dot.

The monogram on the onesie is the Flower Power monogram from Julia's Needle Designs). I added the name with the Rhumba font available at Sew Crazie Designs.

Kyla's parents are big Jacksonville Jaguar fans, so for the bib I used the applique from a football sucker holder design from Embroidery Garden (a freebie on her yahoo group) and I added the text with Embird Alphabet #8.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

IT'S A...

We had a successful ultrasound on Tuesday where we were able to confirm our baby is a boy! They didn't alter my due date, but he's measuring about 4 days ahead of schedule, which puts him arriving directly on Christmas Day! To share our excitement, I made these shirts for Annaliese and myself:

The design, Ribbon Baby, came from Embroidery Online. Isn't it precious?? I added the text (For Christmas I'm getting a Baby Boy/Brother) with Embird Alphabet #33. The design is stitched at original size on Annaliese's shirt. I enlarged it to 120% for my shirt, and it stitched very well.


Sewing studio is up and running in the new house. Now taking orders! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hooded Towel for JR

This was actually the last thing I stitched (on July 20) before packing up my "sewing studio" to move, but I never got around to posting it!

Jan requested a hooded towel for a co-worker who is expecting a baby boy. They plan to name him James Robert, but call him JR. They are decorating with a jungle theme, and Jan asked me to be creative and come up with something. So here we go:

I found some zebra print ribbon and used the zebra print alphabet (a freebie on Sew Forum) for the monogram. Instead of putting his name across it, I added "Jungle Ranger" with Embird Alphabet #2.

I'm not sure there really a job title called a Jungle Ranger, but it was all I could think of using the initials JR. I think it turned out cute -- not babyish at all, so it should get some use into his toddler years, if not beyond!


We had a successful move on Thursday, and are slowly unpacking. Laundry, the kitchen and Annaliese's room end up having a higher priority over sewing (sigh...) so I don't know how quickly I'll be set up again. Hopefully within a week! Now that Annaliese has her own half-bathroom, I'd like to buy new towels and monogram them for her. In a week and a half we will hopefully learn the gender of baby #2, which will lead to new projects, as well as preschool starting in a couple weeks! Lots to do, just for us! If you have been holding off on project requests, feel free to start asking!





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