Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eureka's Baby Shower Gift

Today was baby shower #3 of our current baby boom at church! Eureka and Chris are expecting a baby girl and plan to name her Kylie. My gift consists of a flannel rag-tag blankie, a Snowbaby, a pacifier clip, and two burpcloths:

The design for the Snowbabies comes from The Embroidery Market. I used Embird Alphabet #33 to add the text on the Snowbaby and Pacifier Clip.

The first burp cloth is one for Eureka to use, girly with the ever popular pink/brown combination. The design is from a Dot Alphabet that I got on Sew Forum. Kathy digitized the name "Kylie" for me in a font (Acadian) that works perfectly with this alphabet.

The second burp cloth is perfect for Chris to use! I added the text to the clapboard design using Embird Alphabet #2. I love how this black and white ribbon looks like film!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get Well Card

Carlin's grandmother had hip surgery last week and is now recovering. I made this card for her today. I used a confetti card stock, stitched a red work design (from The Embroidery Market) and added the text with Embird Alphabet #22. Next time I'll measure my envelope BEFORE creating the design... I just barely fit it all on there! In the future I think I'll leave off the text. While I like this alphabet on fabric, it really doesn't work well on paper (such tiny stitches puncture too many holes).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Donated Toddler Towel

This morning I needed to quickly make an item to donate to a MOMS Club open house, and decided a toddler towel was the way to go. I normally personalize them with names or "Princess", but since I didn't know who the recipient would be, I wanted a gender neutral design. While searching for ducks, I came across a "Fun in the Tub" design set on SewForum and they worked perfectly! To save on stitch time, I deleted the fill stitch on the duck, and picked thread colors to match the stripe on the towel (which matches better in person...)

It was nice that the towel was already striped and I didn't need to add ribbon. I'll have to stock up on those towels in the future...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Girl...


Ella loves her quilt made by Miss Nay! Carla wants me to add "So does her mom." :)
(Actually Ella doesn't call me that anymore... she's growing up! I noticed today that she can say Janay quite clearly now...)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Last week was Kathy's birthday, and I just remembered that I haven't posted pictures of the card I made her!

The paper I used wasn't exactly cardstock -- it had a fuzzy texture to it on one side, but it wasn't fabric. I embroidered this cute birthday turtle (from Stitch It Cheap) and added the text with Embird Alphabet #22. For the inside I just taped down another piece of standard cardstock. It went together pretty quickly. I look forward to experimenting more with embroidered cards.

Monday, September 17, 2007

i'm a superhero! Part 2

I just got pictures of another set of modeled shirts. These are the shirts I made for Jason and Anna's nephews for their 4th birthday. What cuties!

original blog entry

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally all together, 3 months later!

Nearly 3 months after making the flip flop outfits for Annaliese, Kylie and Kenzie, we finally managed to get pictures of all three of them together! Each girl wanted a turn in the middle, and I couldn't pick which was the cutest, so you get to see all three! These girls giggled and had such a fun time together last night. It's wonderful when the daughters of best friends are best friends, too!

Happy Birthday, Joie!

Annaliese gave Joie her birthday gift today, so I can finally post pictures on my blog -- I didn't want her parents to get a sneak peek! ;)
I made a pair of personalized SewingForSarah rolls, one for crayons and another for colored pencils. I like the bright cheery colors of the exterior fabric, and I figured this family of Gators would appreciate the orange and blue interior! Happy Coloring, Joie!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ella's Quilt is Completed!

Yesterday I finished the binding on Ella's quilt, and I had the pleasure of delivering it to Carla this morning. Here's an overall shot, and a close up of the bottom right corner (click for larger view):

To recap the process...
Carla and I got together to flip through quilt magazines for inspiration. She wanted to find a pattern that would allow us to use large squares of the fabric from Ella's nursery print, yet have a traditional scrappy feel to it. After playing with various layouts in my EQ program, we settled on our design. Carla did most of the fabric shopping, I only supplemented a little from my stash. I used the dress print to the fullest extent, squeezing out just enough for a 1.5" border around the quilt. Since we ended up using bigger pieces of the blue fabric on the front, we didn't have enough to do the 3" border. When I returned to Jo-Anns to purchase more, they were out! We settled on the purple fabric as a second choice, and I really like it. To quilt it, I stitched-in-the-ditch along the grid lines and then quilted across the diagonals of the blocks. This is the first quilt that I have used one long continuous strip of binding and attempted mitered corners. It's also the first quilt that I have sewing the binding on completely by machine (attached to back first, and then used a blanket stitch to sew it down on the top). I was pleased with the results.

Next up -- a t-shirt quilt. I don't know how quickly I'll start to tackle that one, but I'll keep you posted! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ordered gift for baby shower

My friend Susan called with an urgent need for a baby shower gift, and I was happy to oblige! Her coworker is having a girl, and they are GA Bulldog fans. As much as it pained my Gator friend, she authorized the burp cloth! ;)

This monogram design and font were freebies on Sew Forum (the font is called Rumba).

The applique football came from an Embroidery Garden sucker holder (a freebie on her yahoo group); the text was added with Embird alphabet 2.

And a pacifier clip (text added with Embird alphabet 2).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Special Deliveries!

This week two of my friends gave birth, both to sweet boys. To commemorate their birth, I purchased the Special Delivery design from Sew Terific and stitched them out on a onesie with all of birth details. Here are pictures of the first one:

And a modeled picture of the second -- how sweet!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Turning Hand-Me-Down Skirt into Outfit!

Last week I was going through some hand-me-downs and found this skirt:

I immediately remembered a free design I had downloaded from Sew Forum. So I picked up a $3 shirt at Wal-Mart, grabbed the pink fabric from my scraps and (with Annaliese's help) picked my three threads. Then I got to stitching. Now she has a perfectly coordinated outfit, including a beautiful bow that Valerie had already made for Annaliese to go with a different outfit. All for $3!! This is so fun!!





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