Thursday, May 22, 2014

Preschool Graduation!

Thumbs up, this boy is almost done with preschool!!
Tonight night was Dashiell's preschool program, and included in that was a brief graduation ceremony for the VPK classes. In honor of that, I made him this shirt, very similar to the one I made Annaliese five years ago.

The monogram is Five Star Font's Diploma~Graduation Monogram. The rest of the text uses the font “Hog Bold HMK” which is the font from the school logo on their t-shirts and bags.
Oh boy, does this kid have personality! He was quite entertaining to watch tonight from start to finish! Not a shy bone in his body... it helped keep me from getting super sentimental and emotional at the program because I was laughing. Or mouthing "STAND STILL!" ;)

It wasn't until I was home comparing pictures that I got teary... Isn't this amazing? They sure do look alike!
We love Timberlane Preschool!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby gift for Wilder

I recently made this gift set for friends of ours that had a second little boy:
I made matching shirts for Wilder and his big brother using I2S Box Font, and added their names with Girls Have Secrets. You know what my secret is? This font is great for boys! Ha!
I couldn't decide if I should outline the letter in red and do name in blue, or vice versa. Decided to do one of each!
For the burp cloth I used this little monster design (from The Applique Club) and added his name with Behind These Hazel Eyes:
and the bib... well like Shepherd's bib when he was a baby, it is a bit of an inside joke from one dad to another. Both my husband and Wilder's dad enjoy James Bond movies (they record a podcast together in fact). This came up as a joke and had to be made into a reality.
This project was one where BX files saved the day! Can you imagine merging all this letter by letter, especially when you weren't sure what font to use in the first place?! I typed the phrase in Embrilliance, scrolled through several different fonts to decide which one I wanted to use (Covered by Your Grace), then once I picked it, I save the design as a PES file. Then I opened in Embird to get it sized exactly as I wanted (kept height the same but squashed the width to fit on the bib) and adjusted the pull compensation to thicken up the letters to stitch better on the terry bib. So fast and came out perfect!
You can see the little cutie wearing the bib on Tumblr

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monogramming for myself!

Big news at The Itch 2 Stitch... Fancy Circle has had a facelift! Lots of changes to the files, but the two most significant changes were altering the size of the right letters, and adjusting the fill settings for the large sizes. I'm super excited about it and was anxious to put it to use! I monogrammed a couple items for myself to show the differences between the 4.5" and 5.5" sizes. I used the 4.5" size on this bag sitting in my stash. At this size the font is completely satin stitch!! (Previously there were small sections of the center letter that had a split satin stitch.)
Isn't it gorgeous?!
For one of my coverups I used the 5.5" size. It features a split satin for most of the letter.
Equally pretty!
I've got a sweatshirt waiting for a jumbo monogram... I might try a double hooping project using the 6.5" size! We shall see... ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

SODA-lighted you were my teacher! (Take 3)

For the last two years I've made can koozies for teacher appreciation week, and they have been so well received I did it again:
This year I used I2S Fancy Circle Small (the 2.5" size) on the koozies. The little SODA-lighted tag is a free printable I found last year on the Tammy Mitchell Designs blog. I love the little play on words sort of appreciation gifts. :)
Ms. Snyder is a big Phillies baseball fan, so I used blue and red and baseball ribbon:
 For Mrs. Williams I used this cute owl ribbon that has been in my stash forever waiting to be used on a Springwood Owl project, and paired it with a pink koozie:
 They were a hit!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home is where your mom is

For Mother's Day this year I made cards for our moms:
I just love this "HOME is where your MOM is" design from I2S. And I love the sentiment! Even though we have lived in FL for nearly nine years, Central IL will always be home. My in-laws are still living in the same house they were in when my husband and I started dating, and that quickly became a second home to me. And although my parents moved out of state after retirement, their new house feels like home to me none-the-less... because MOM is there!

To attach the designs to notecards, I did the following:
-- I hooped tearaway and used spray adhesive to secure my woven fabric to the stabilizer.
-- I created a rectangle the size of the notecard and used that as my tackdown stitch (I actually put two in my 6x10 hoop)
-- Then I stitched out the design in the center of that rectangle.
--I removed the hoop from the machine and taped the notecard to the backside of the hoop inside the stitched rectangle.
--Then I stitched a triple bean stitch rectangle that was inside the outer rectangle by 1/4".
--I removed the stabilizer, trimmed the fabric to be the size of the notecard, and then frayed the edges.

I've used a similar technique before on other cards.

Friday, May 9, 2014

C is for Cherri!

This week was teacher appreciation week at our preschool, and as our gift to Ms Cherri I appliqued one more apron! We had done a sock monkey with a pumpkin for fall, and then a sock monkey with a snowman for winter, so this time I made a general one that could be worn the rest of the school year: C is for Cherri!
I like how this turned out! The C applique is from DBJJ's Sock Monkey Alphabet and I added the text with their newest font, Ruby.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby Gift for Twin Girls

My original primary role as an I2S assistant is customer service, but I do some test stitching on occasion, primarily 4x4 designs that I like to put on baby items. When the I2S released these two (oh... last fall), I knew I had an upcoming baby gift for expectant twins, so I used the same thread colors to make this set:
Aren't they cute? The first is I Love You to the Moon and Back
And the second is I Love You a Bushel and a Peck (the larger sizes have more text)
Once the babies were born, I made this bib set, using the I2S Whoo's Who design, adding their names with Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Newest Owl in our family

Oh dear, the time has come. Kindergarten Orientation was today!!! ACK!

When I told Dashiell about the upcoming meeting I asked if he wanted anything special to wear and he said, "Yes! An owl shirt!" (our school mascot if you are a new blog reader.) Silently inside I shouted, "YES!" because I have had one picked out, purchased, and sitting in my design stash waiting for this day. I used Pick & Stitch's Bean Stitch Boy Owl design.
 I love the look of her bean stitch design, hoping this style will extend the life of Dashiell wearing applique shirts.
When I showed Dashiell the design, he was concerned about the eyes being different sizes. I did NOT want him to refuse this owl, so I told him "the owl is making this face and saying, 'what's kindergarten all about?'" Then he was totally on board. :) He helped me pick fabrics from my brown and turquoise stash, and then I got to work.
Here he is, saying, "What's Kindergarten all about?!" This is the one and only snap he let me take before leaving.
Whoooooo's ready for kindergarten?! Well this boy is. Not so sure about momma though...





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