Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home is where your mom is

For Mother's Day this year I made cards for our moms:
I just love this "HOME is where your MOM is" design from I2S. And I love the sentiment! Even though we have lived in FL for nearly nine years, Central IL will always be home. My in-laws are still living in the same house they were in when my husband and I started dating, and that quickly became a second home to me. And although my parents moved out of state after retirement, their new house feels like home to me none-the-less... because MOM is there!

To attach the designs to notecards, I did the following:
-- I hooped tearaway and used spray adhesive to secure my woven fabric to the stabilizer.
-- I created a rectangle the size of the notecard and used that as my tackdown stitch (I actually put two in my 6x10 hoop)
-- Then I stitched out the design in the center of that rectangle.
--I removed the hoop from the machine and taped the notecard to the backside of the hoop inside the stitched rectangle.
--Then I stitched a triple bean stitch rectangle that was inside the outer rectangle by 1/4".
--I removed the stabilizer, trimmed the fabric to be the size of the notecard, and then frayed the edges.

I've used a similar technique before on other cards.

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