Friday, May 31, 2013

We Love Our Teachers!

I know teacher appreciation week was earlier this month, but I wanted to give one more token of our appreciation to the teachers who have worked with our kids this year. Conveniently a couple of designs I had the opportunity to test for Embroidery Boutique worked perfectly!
First an apron for Annaliese's teacher:
This is EB's Split Pencils design. I added the name of our school with EB's Chloe. I had fun picking fabrics for this!
Last week was our preschool's end of the year program (I wish you could have seen Dashiell sing with all his heart!) We appreciate all the hard work Ms. Vicki put into the program getting the kids ready to perform. This towel is for her:
I used EB's Treble Clef design
And for Ms Cindy... several weeks ago she misplaced her school keys (with the key fob I had made her a couple years ago). I decided to replace it, but with something new, Embroidery Garden's new Shabby Key Ring (a freebie on her yahoo group). I added the C with 8CP's Linda.
True story, less than 30 minutes after she opened this, she found her missing keys. Our director told me I should have made the replacement sooner. :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Applique Getaway!

What are your plans this summer??
I am SO EXCITED about Applique Getaway! I'll be road-tripping with my kids, leaving them with my parents, and getting to enjoy a couple of days discussing and learning more about one of my favorite things -- Machine Applique! But to be completely honest, I'm more excited about meeting some of my favorite digitizers... Lynnie Pinnie, Embroidery Boutique, DigiStitches, Itch 2 Stitch, just to name a few... Check out this lineup!!
Unbelievable, right!? And then there's the opportunity to meet so many of you, fellow embroiderers from all over the country that I've gotten to "know" through blogs/forums/groups/fb pages, whom I genuinely consider friends! I honestly don't know if I will learn much because I'll be so busy flitting around trying to find as many of you as possible. :)
So if you haven't made plans to come please try to make it! Early registration ends tomorrow!

Also become a fan of Applique Getaway on Facebook, they are very close to 2000 fans, at which point they will giveaway another free registration!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Burp Cloth Cuteness

Here are a few recent burp cloths I've made...
Isn't this a cute design? Michelle requested it from my design stash. The puppy is from DBJJ's Round Up the Critters set, and I used 8CP's Cherry to add his name. I had fun on the letter placement :)
She also picked the following two designs for her new granddaughter. I used I2S's Bunny Box Girl Face and added Reesa's name with 8CP's Janessa.
This is I2S's Monogram Owl with the smallest size of their Fancy Circle Monogram. This bright color scheme is unusual for me, but I really like how it turned out!
Remember that cheetah shirt I made Lomond? Well I also wanted to test a version with the spots, so I put it on a burp cloth for Kaz. Baby Cheetah design is from Lynnie Pinnie, and I added his name with 8CP's Misfit.
Michelle picked this design for a burp cloth, which is just perfect since Kaz's daddy competes in strongman competitions. The Tough Like My Daddy design is from All Things Appliqué.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Patriotic Shirts 2013

My kids are ready to celebrate this summer thanks to their mommy getting to test new designs for some of her favorite digitizers!
Annaliese and Anna are sporting their new shirts featuring LP's Swirl Firecracker applique. I used Hobby Lobby's Glitter Fabric sheets for the first time on these. So fun!! I used the 6x10 for Annaliese and the 2.5" version for Anna. I actually did Anna's first, and I'm so glad... I wasn't totally in love with my choices. I didn't like the way the gold looked with this color combo:
So I polled the other LP testers to get suggestions for how I should rearrange the colors, and decided to swap the glitter fabrics and replace the gold with silvery gray. Much better!
Dashiell LOVES his new shirt:
I got to test Embroidery Boutique's Split Single Star design, and added his name with 8CP's Puppy Love.
He was very involved in the process. He selected the fabric, and then carefully examined if my thread choices matched. ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Name banner for Kenzie

I suppose she's getting used to it... since Kenzie's birthday falls 6 weeks after her sister's birthday, there really isn't much of a surprise when she unwraps her gift from us :)
Last year I made her an applique name pillow to match her bedding. This year I made a name banner using the same fabrics to match!

I used the Frayed Block Letters from Hang To Dry to create the banner. I used the fabric from the back of her name pillow to attach all the letters together (and I shared how I tied the letters on here.)
Here it is hanging in her room! You can also check out Kylie's banner hanging in her newly decorated room here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Misc. Monogramming

Recent random monogramming projects...
A pretty monogram on an apron. This was my first time using 8CP's Monogram 3. I have no idea why I waited so long, I really like it! It needs to get in my rotation! (oh, and it has, I monogrammed my swimsuit coverup after doing this apron.)
Monogrammed bib for Caden. I used 8CP's Pops.
Added a quick monogram to this shirt. Annaliese picked 8CP's Be Mine. Pardon the pic, the shirt has been worn and washed several times, but the "completeist" in me requires that it be posted. ha!
In celebration of our school's 25th anniversary, they had a "dress up like what you want to be in 25 years" day. Annaliese wants to be a movie director, so I used 8CP's Skinny to add DIRECTOR to this hat:
I made a new key fob for myself! DigiStitches Quilted Key Fob 2, Itch 2 Stitch Fancy Circle Monogram, Vera Bradley napkin to match my bag:
And my friend Rebecca mentioned wanting to get some Publix bags before she leaves the south. I still had a couple of these pretty blue ones in my stash, so like the previous ones I have done for teachers, I added her monogram with LP's Taylor font.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sister Shirts

Michelle ordered this set of sibling shirts for her granddaughters, so sweet!
These designs are from The Itch 2 Stitch.
I am the BIG sister (Michelle liked the fabric/thread combo in the sample pic so that's what I used)
and I am the lil sister (we swapped colors)

Sibling Shirts

When Kaz arrives he will make Kendal a big sister.  I used this as an opportunity to try out a new set of sibling designs from Original Stitches!
I debated for quite some time what fabric I should use. I finally settled on good ole gingham, and love the results!
Big Sister design in pinks and gray:
And Little Brother design in blues and gray:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcoming Baby Young

Friends of ours back home are expecting a baby boy and their shower was this weekend. Mutual friends of ours requested a couple things, and I sent a couple things from us, too!
First, this onesie. I'm confident the verse is true for many, many babies, but it is especially true for this one!
The "For this Child I have Prayed" design is from Lynnie Pinnie.
Jason and Anna's boys love the ribbon blankets I made them (Torin, Nolan), so they requested a sports themed ribbon blanket for baby Young, incorporating the Youngs' favorite teams.
The basketball corner is orange and blue for the University of Illinois (Go Illini!!) The design is from GG Designs
The football corner is crimson and black for the University of South Carolina. The design is from Lynnie Pinnie
The baseball corner is blue and white for the LA Dodgers. The design is the ball from Embroidery Boutique's Baseball Glove
And the soccer corner is red white and blue for the good ole US of A :)
(design is from LP, but not on site)
I decided to do a sports themed burp cloth. Since they aren't sharing the baby's name until he is born, I personalized it with their last name.  Helmet Design is from Lynnie Pinnie, and font is College Block Small from 8CP
Finally, a special request from one nerd dad to another.  Any guesses what this is?!?
(eh, I'll just tell you. It's the emblem on Boba Fett's arm. I digitized it myself for personal use only.)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrating Gymnastics Style!

My little friend Maddie turned three and is celebrating with a gymnastics theme. Her mommy bought this cute leotard, showed me the customized party decor she ordered from Etsy, and I got to work putting together a coordinating design!
The applique M is from EB's Swirly Applique. The little girl is from DBJJ's Cute Gymnasts. I added the "3" using an Embird Alphabet. It was a subtle way to add her age, and I love how it turned out!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lomond!

One of the best parts about doing custom embroidery is getting to create something specifically requested by a little friends. When Lomond's mommy asked him what he wanted for a special birthday shirt, he specifically asked for a cheetah, on a green shirt, his name in blue. I aim to please! :)
I figured it would be an easy request to fill BUT... there was no cute cheetah design to be found! This is when it's super handy to be a tester for a fabulous digitizer. I inquired, and Lyndsie happened to already own a set of clip art that had a cute cheetah (that met Lomond's approval) so she created this cute design! The Baby Cheetah applique from Lynnie Pinnie comes with lots of dots, but it's the last step so you can omit them if your little friend chooses cheetah print fabric instead. :) I added his name with 8CP's Cleopatra.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My First Holiday bib set

Sue requested a set of holiday bibs for her granddaughter, and I just couldn't find a complete set of designs that I liked, so I came up with my own!
Annabelle was born just before Easter 2012, so I made that one right away without a plan for the rest, and shipped it with her burp cloths and name banner. Then I sent the Fourth of July bib in May along with her Special Delivery onesie. In August I finished the rest, that's why this image is kind of cobbled together:
And now, six weeks after her first birthday, I'm finally posting pictures!
I used Embird alphabet #7 for all the text.
For the Easter bib I used an egg from Lynnie Pinnie's Egg Trio
For the Fourth of July bib I used a freebie star from My Embroidery Haven's yahoo group.
For the Harvest bib I used one of Lynnie Pinnie's Small Pumpkins
For the Thanksgiving bib I used Lynnie Pinnie's Turkey Drumstick
For the Christmas bib I used Lynnie Pinnie's Simple Christmas Tree (minus the dots since I used this dotted fabric)
For the New Year bib I used elements from LP's unreleased birthday collage design (used it on Annaliese's birthday shirt which is absolutely one of a kind!)
For the Valentine's bib I used Lynnie Pinnie's Swirly Heart Lollipop (minus the swirl and stick)
For the St. Patrick's day bib I used one of the shamrocks in Applique Crazy's Shamrock Argyle
And finally for the First Birthday bib, I used the cake from the previously mentioned birthday collage.
This was a fun project!!





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