Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pretty Rainbow

This sweet little rainbow design intrigued me. I wanted to use the 4x4 design and needed a little girl with a short name... Emily it was! Bonus, I already had a onesie in my stash her size, woo-hoo!
The applique is Lynnie Pinnie's Rainbow Frame Deco, such a quick stitchout! (There is a satin stitch version, too.) I added her name with LP's new Strawberry Limeade font. This is the smallest size and stitched beautifully!
I was anxious to play with 3 fabrics and 4 thread colors to make a colorful rainbow. I opted for red/yellow/blue for the fabrics, and pink/orange/green/purple for the threads. I think it turned out really pretty using the secondary colors for the threads instead of perfectly matching!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Split Banner Applique

I'm really excited about this new applique font, I've already used it twice, but can only show you one for now ;)
A couple of weeks ago I tried a split circle monogram on a shirt for my girl. My little guy gets to be the model this time:
The applique is from 8CP's new Split Banner Applique. I really like it! I added his name with the half inch version of College Block Small (which comes with the Applique alphabet)
The applique alphabet comes in 4 sizes. The Split Banner numbers (1-12, plus several extras) are sold in a different set. Great for birthday shirts, anniversary designs, 100th day of school... what else can you think of? Currently there is a sale: if you buy the banner alphabet, you get the numbers for free! Sale runs through Sunday 2/24, so hop to it.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcoming Baby Landon

I know at least NINE families expecting babies at the moment, so you will be seeing several posts about baby shower gifts in the next few months. First up, baby Landon! His arrival will make Peyton a big sister, so I took this as an opportunity to use new-to-me sibling designs:
Aren't these so cute?! As I was merging together designs similar to my last sibling set, an embroidery friend of mine showed off pictures of her most recent project. I stopped in my tracks and changed plans!

The Big Sister and Little Mister designs are both from Embroitique. Embroidery friends, if you purchase the designs, I'd appreciate if you would use those specific links when you add them to your cart! :)
I was super excited when I scrolled through my 8CP font images that I found High 5 was a perfect match to add their names! Peyton loves purple, so I was excited to use these Riley Blake chevrons, purple/orange for her and aqua/orange for him.
I have never used Embroitique designs before, so I don't know if this is her typical style or not, but the applique words on these were digitized in a unique manner. Instead of treating it as three separate letters, it was one whole object. It was intriguing to watch the pathing on the whole thing -- there weren't any jumps going from outside the letter to the holes in "big". The only reason I mention this is in case you happen to be stitching one of these on a little inside-out 3-6 month onesie that you are holding open with your fingers... beware that the needle may not follow the path you expect. ;) 

I also did this burp cloth, using Lynnie Pinnie's Little Cutie Space Explorer Boy. I was testing it for LP and intentionally decided to not use the Buzz Lightyear white/purple/green color scheme to show how versatile the design could be. Out of this world adorable!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monogrammed polos for my boy

Grandma sent Dashiell a couple of polos, and I added his monogram to them this weekend.
(Pardon the photography, I've given up getting a good picture of a red shirt.)
The stacked monogram on the navy shirt uses Back to Basics from 8CP. I used the half inch size for D and V and 1" size for the T (maybe a touch of resizing and adjusting pull compensation to get it to form a little square). Super pleased how it turned out, literally a 2 minute stitch time. Took longer to hoop the shirt!
The traditional monogram on the red shirt is 8CP's brand new Formal Monogram. I used the 2" size.
He wore the navy polo to shirt this morning, but would not cooperate when I asked to take a picture. This is what I got. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love Bug

Annaliese has had a pair of ladybug socks for... um... a LONG time. Throughout the years she has asked for a matching shirt, but it really never made my priority list. This week she asked yet again, so I looked more seriously for an applique design that would closely match. We picked this Love Bug design from 8CP. As we selected fabrics together she exclaimed, "I will finally get to wear these socks in public!!" as if not having a matching shirt has prevented it for all this time. (insert eye roll)
Anyway, it sure turned out cute!! I was thrilled to find a design that had heart shaped dots AND the Love Bug text already merged together! I anticipated having to do a bunch of design editing to accomplish my goal, but I didn't! Woo-hoo!
She's quite pleased:
Quick side note, gotta love a wonky shirt. :/ And this is from Gymboree! I'm usually very diligent at examining shirts in stores before buying, I don't know how it passed inspection. Oh well, at least it was on clearance with additional sale. It was really hard to decide how to place the design since nothing is straight or even. Ultimately I centered with neckline instead of width across. Thankfully it looks good on!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Easter Stay-Put Towel

I had the opportunity to test this sweet "Happy Easter" applique design for Lynnie Pinnie. I wanted to put the 4x4 size on a kitchen towel, and decided to use this as an opportunity to experiment again!
I love how it turned out! I looked through my stash and couldn't find a fabric that would make a nice base for the design, and thought... do I even need add a fabric square to the towel before making it a Stay-Put towel? Could I just do the V shaped hole with the design directly on the towel? Why yes I can!
The best part is this adorable design hangs up high, not way down at the bottom, so it's more visible. AND it's not the part of the towel we will use to dry our hands, so the design will always look this lovely. :)

(My Stay Put towel is inspired by the Topsy Towel tutorial posted on Embroidery Library. There is a free V-shaped buttonhole design posted on Sew Forum that goes with this tutorial.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Circle Letter Applique

Alright, you know how people get up at crazy hours of the morning on Black Friday to go shopping? Well I didn't! I didn't really need or want anything badly enough to brave the crowds. My husband and I did all our shopping online. And virtually all of mine was embroidery designs. :)
The design purchase I was most excited about was snagging the Circle Letters Applique Set from Beau Mitchell Boutique at 75% off! It had captured my attention when it was released and was on my wish list for a long time.

(hangs head in shame)
Over two months later...
I finally put it to use yesterday! Isn't this cute?!
She was a happy camper when she woke up this morning!
I realized I still had a couple of long sleeved shirts in my stash that she probably won't be able to wear next winter. Both are dark and not appropriate for upcoming holidays. I'm so happy I remembered this monogram set! And the chevron from Hobby Lobby matches perfectly. I added her name with 8CP's College Block Small, totally impressed with how well the 1/2" size stitched.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Casserole Carrier

Nearly four years ago I made a casserole carrier for Susie, my daughter's preschool teacher. (Side note, thanks to Pinterest and Tipnut, that is my third most viewed blog post, nearly 9000 hits!)
She recently requested that I make a similar one for her to give to her daughter for her birthday. I was happy to oblige!
The stick figure design is part of a set from Artistic Thread Works called Daily-Chore-Sticks Embroidery Design Set. The checkered border is from Embroidery Garden. I added the text with Embird Alphabet #8.





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