Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Circle Letter Applique

Alright, you know how people get up at crazy hours of the morning on Black Friday to go shopping? Well I didn't! I didn't really need or want anything badly enough to brave the crowds. My husband and I did all our shopping online. And virtually all of mine was embroidery designs. :)
The design purchase I was most excited about was snagging the Circle Letters Applique Set from Beau Mitchell Boutique at 75% off! It had captured my attention when it was released and was on my wish list for a long time.

(hangs head in shame)
Over two months later...
I finally put it to use yesterday! Isn't this cute?!
She was a happy camper when she woke up this morning!
I realized I still had a couple of long sleeved shirts in my stash that she probably won't be able to wear next winter. Both are dark and not appropriate for upcoming holidays. I'm so happy I remembered this monogram set! And the chevron from Hobby Lobby matches perfectly. I added her name with 8CP's College Block Small, totally impressed with how well the 1/2" size stitched.

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