Friday, October 3, 2008

Monogrammed Face Cloths

Lou contacted me about monogramming some face cloths for her. She likes to leave one on the pulpit for her minister each service, and thought it would be a nice touch to add his initials. For this first order I did four.
Originally Lou selected Embird Alphabet #38 for his initials. I stitched that on two of the washcloths because it really looked nice with the design already on the cloth. But because it's a thinner font and these were pretty plush cloths, the embroidery got lost. I made an executive decision to switch to Embird Alphabet #16 for the other two. While much more plain, they definitely stand out better.

The monograms were going to be a surprise... I wonder if he noticed Wednesday evening as he wiped his brow. :)

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