Saturday, December 20, 2008

Name Snowflake Ornaments

Last Christmas I stitched a few personalized snowflake ornaments. This year I received a big order for some (pictures will be posted later) and that reminded me of them myself! I think all together I've stitched twenty of these. My machine is definitely ready for a break, but they sure are pretty!!

For all of the snowflakes I used Embird Alphabet #38 for the last name. After reflecting and rotating it several times, I created a unique name flake. The design is then place inside an applique circle. I stitch it on tearaway stabilizer. This enables me to give the ornament a fabric-covered back and a satin stitched edge.

Here's a small set I did for Carlin to give as gifts. Sadly I don't have time to make one for everyone in the company. These are for his immediate supervisor, his assistant, and his office mate.

I also made a pair for Joy and Anna, our Realtors, but forgot to take a picture before giving them away.

Early in the process of deciding how I wanted to construct them, I tried one other method. Instead of using fabric for the base (which necessitates a satin stitch edge to prevent fraying) I used felt as the base. Since it doesn't fray, it could just be trimmed. I still liked the look of a white flake on the sparkly blue fabric, so I appliqued it onto the white felt, using a decorative stitch. To test this, I chose my maiden name and sent it to my mom for her birthday.

In the end, I guess Carlin and I prefer the look of the other style, so that's what I stuck with. But this is a pretty alternative, and I may return to the concept again next year.

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