Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last Christmas order completed!

Beth had asked if I could monogram some Pashmina scarves for her to give as Christmas gifts. We didn't actually end up getting together to figure out placement and pick threads until the evening of Dec 18. She was very understanding of my pregnancy and said not to worry about rushing to get it done. However, at that moment I felt perfectly fine and since I thought delivery was a ways off, I figured I could get them done within a day or two. In fact I stitched one of them that night so Carlin could take it to work the next morning and get her approval before doing the rest.

Well, that was my plan. Dashiell had other plans and made his debut 24 hours later. (Carlin says it's because Dashiell heard all the fun Beth and Annaliese were having and wanted to get in on the action.) We did swing by Carlin's office on the way to the hospital the next morning to drop off the first Pashmina -- I knew of the four it was one that had to be shipped and since it was done, Beth could at least have one gift arrive in time for Christmas!

I finally returned to the Pashminas this week and completed them last night.

I used the Empire font from Embroidery Arts on each of them.

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