Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Carlin!

Last year for my husband's birthday I digitized his logo and stitched it on a bulletin board for him. Earlier this year I sent a small version of the logo to Kathy, who stitched it on a polo onesie for Dashiell and also mailed me a blank white polo so I could do the same for Carlin. Sadly I never made time to stitch it, poor guy. BUT that turned out to be a good thing. Carlin has significantly shrunk over the last several months, and that shirt is now way too big! This year for part of his birthday gift I stitched his logo on a new, smaller sized polo.

I also stitched another for Dashiell, who has outgrown the one Kathy made.

Here they are, all matchy-matchy, Mr. Dashiell Trammel and Mr. Carlin Trammel. I doubt it will happen as often as with me and Annaliese, but I'll give it a shot as often as my boys will let me!

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