Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sibling shirts, a year later

Right before Dashiell was born, I stitched coordinating sibling shirts for the kids so Annaliese would have something special to wear when she came to visit us in the hospital. Her shirt still fits, but believe it or not, Dashiell has outgrown that 0-3 month sized onesie! :) For his birthday I stitched him a new shirt -- same design, just a much bigger size.

Today is at least the third time the kids have matched, but I hadn't been able to get a picture of the two of them together. Still not sure I was all that successful today. Annaliese was enthusiastic and trying hard to help:

I did manage to get a decent "on the go" shot of Dashiell, who won't stay still unless he's asleep.

Here's what I got, there was no chance of removing those two cars from Dashiell's hands, I think they are glued there. By the time I got him to cooperate, Annaliese is a little glazed over. Oh well. She's wearing a pink headband and he's got a pacifier in his mouth, so it's pretty accurate! Oh, Annaliese suggested blackening in one of the lower teeth on the design since she has lost a tooth, but I opted not to do that. :)

They both sure have changed in a year's time!

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