Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Real Live Groovy Girl!

Annaliese has several Groovy Girls. One day last summer she made it her goal to dress up like one of them. Later in the fall I discovered there was one named Analise! I ordered it for her for Christmas, and my plan was to make a matching outfit for her. I gathered all my supplies, but ran out of time to have it wrapped under the tree. While home for Christmas my mom helped with the shirt, and this weekend I FINALLY embellished the matching capris. Annaliese is so excited to match her doll!

My mom helped a lot on the shirt. Ummmm... actually she did all the real work. :) I bought a t-shirt at Goodwill for $1, the zebra fabric and sequins material were already in my stash. Mom modified the neckline and added the material for me. The purple clip-on hair is from Claire's.

That was completed in December. My job was to recreate Analise's capris when I got home. Ten weeks later... The main reason it took so long is because I wanted to digitize the design on Analise's pant leg. Even though that would take time, I knew it would be faster than searching for a pre-existing embroidery design that would be close enough. This weekend I finally made the time to digitize it. This is the design on the pants of the Analise doll...

... and this is the applique design I digitized to match! WOO-HOO! I'm so proud of myself!

The curves could be smoother, but for my 5 year old's costume, it's good enough! I learned a lot in the process and really enjoyed doing it.
So to actually complete Annaliese's capris, I took a pair of pants that were in my stash from what Kathy sent us a couple years ago, chopped them off, added the embroidery design, and stitched strips of the sequins material around the edge.

Thankfully the Analise Groovy Girl came barefoot so I didn't have to go find and purchase matching shoes. As it stands, the purple hair was the most expensive part of this costume! :)

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Cole's Corner on March 8, 2010 at 11:30 AM said...

Wooooo Hooooo! I'm proud of you, too. It looks awesome. And her smile says it all!





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