Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready for Preschool!

Yesterday was Dashiell's first day of preschool!
As I was stitching Annaliese's back-to-school shirt, I received a design to test for 8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery. When I took a peek, it dawned on me that I hadn't given a single thought to poor Dashiell and what he would wear on his first day of preschool! I'm so thankful that this design was a PERFECT solution, and got it done the next day!
The Crayon Trio applique design and the Skinny font (which I used to add his initials) are both from 8 Claws and a Paw. Actually, I think the font is included with the design purchase, bonus!
The best part was when I showed it to him. He immediately hugged it and exclaimed, "You made this for me?!?" I then asked what was on his shirt and he said, "Red, Blue Green! D, V, T! 1, 2, 3! 3 Crayons!" I think he'll do pretty well in preschool. ;)

Like Annaliese, Dashiell had a few school supplies to take with him on his first day, so Ms Martha needed a monogrammed shopping bag, too. :)
I used the Taylor font from Lynnie Pinnie.
 Dashiell will be attending our church's preschool two mornings a week. I will be aiding one of those days, so don't expect my monogramming volume to increase; 2.5 hours of alone time once a week doesn't really amount to too much... but I am looking forward to it! :)

And hey, 8 Claws and a Paw has released a lot of new applique designs recently -- go check them out!

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Jacquie on August 24, 2011 at 1:17 PM said...

I can't believe he is that old. He looks so cute and grown up. Cute shirt and I like the bag. I wish we had some like that here. Good job and have fun working in the classroom.





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