Friday, July 13, 2012

Cool technique for duplicating design placement

My daughter is going to be so excited tomorrow morning to discover that I have embroidered something for my husband! She recently has expressed concern that I never make anything for him. I tried to explain that he's really not all that into applique ;) and she just doesn't get it. In fact I think she went from being sad for daddy that mommy never makes him anything to disappointed in daddy for not wanting anything mommy makes. Ha!

BUT last week he bought some new sports shorts, and asked if I could embroider his own Stormspeed logo on it. The shorts have stripes on each side, so the emblem was going to be placed within that panel.

As I hooped the first leg on sticky stabilizer, I had folded a vertical line so I could center it horizontally, but just eyeballed it vertically, checking (with the trace feature on my machine) to be sure the bottom of the design wouldn't go below the hem, but otherwise was pretty close to the bottom. The placement was great! But as it stitched I realized I had not measured how far up the center of the design was from the hem, and had no idea how I was going to replicate this on the other side.
And then it hit me, I had used sticky stabilizer!! and could totally use this to my advantage.

DISCLAIMER: I will share this idea and these picture with one stipulation --
you do not judge the condition of my hoop. It is sticky, and I like it that way. So there. 

When the design was done, before I removed the shorts from the hoop I drew a line on my stabilizer along the edge of the leg, and also marked where the white stripes were:
Then I carefully removed the shorts from the sticky stabilizer, tearing it away but leaving the stabilizer in the hoop:
I patched the hole with another piece of sticky:
Then laid the other leg of the shorts down, positioning with the markings I had just drawn:
And stitched away! And look how perfectly placed both designs are. YAY!

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Tara on July 15, 2012 at 12:32 PM said...

Janay!! You are so smart! You are my go to person for all of the "why didnt I think of that" ideas!!





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