Friday, November 30, 2012

Decorated Candy Jar

This fall one of the big trends in the embroidery/applique world is making charms for jars and pillows. And burlap is pretty popular, too! So I combined a couple idea to make a gift for our preschool director:
The design is Applique Momma's Christmas ornament. But instead of tacking down a ribbon loop at the top of the ornament as in the directions, I tacked down a length of ribbon across the center so I could tie it around a jar. I ran the placement stitch, laid down the ribbon and ran the first tackdown stitch, then laid down the burlap and continued on...
Turned out cute! The E is from 8CP's Happy Birthday font, which was appropriate since this was a birthday gift. :) My intention was to put a specific "round number" of pieces of candy in the jar, but Ms. Elaine isn't old enough to fill the jar with Hershey Kisses! So instead she got nearly two bags worth. Just a tip, go get yourself some Mint Truffle Kisses. Yummy! 

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