Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monograms for Maddox

Katie asked me to monogram a few shirts for her sweet boy. I get to hang out with Maddox at preschool and he is just precious, how could I say no?? She supplied the shirts and had an idea for each one:
The red shirt is a design pairing I have used before and really liked! The applique M is from Embroidery Boutique's Cute Alphabet. I used Cleopatra from 8 Claws and a Paw to stitch his name.
 For the other two shirts I used 8CP's Seventy...
... with some editing. :)
I'll be honest, a three-letter monogram with first letter M and middle letter J can be a challenge! M's are generally wide and J's are generally narrow in fonts that work best for boys. I really liked the look of Seventy, but here they are in their original form:
The whole monogram is way too wide, and it's not very balanced. So I decreased the width of the Ms to 70%, keeping the height the same. Then to make the width of the satin stitches match better, I increased the pull compensation of the first M and decreased the pull compensation of the J. I was pleased with the results! I love using well digitized designs in software I can trust -- it stitched perfectly!

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