Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My first in-hoop project

This little Snowbaby is a design from The Embroidery Market. It's a fun easy project. I bought all the supplies (fleece and stuffing) and stitched it out today. As an added experiment, I added an "A" to the heart to personalize it for Annaliese. She loved it and took it to bed with her. It's tiny in her hands now, but for a baby it would be perfect. Should be completely washer/dryer safe. It's nice to have one to experiment with before giving away.
The things I learned...
1. Use felt for face (as called for in the directions) instead of fleece. The extra thickness was difficult to trim, and caused some stitching errors around the head.
2. Don't use Jokerman font for a single letter monogram. The letter A standing alone looks as though the embroidery machine did a poor job stitching--you can't tell that it's from a funky font.

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