Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crayon Rolls

Last week I made this crayon roll for Annaliese. It was great at church on Sunday -- usually her crayons are in a plastic bag which is loud. This is quiet and keeps them from rolling around on the pew or floor!

Originally I followed the directions, which called for two pieces of ribbon that would wrap around and tie it shut. But Annaliese cannot tie a bow. I saw another person's crayon wrap that closed with a single ribbon and velcro, and decided to imitate that. In the process of determining the length of ribbon, velcro placement, embroidery placement, etc, I needed to make a few to get it right. So I made a couple for Kylie and Kenzie, using left over fabric from the tote bags I made them. Now that the girls have received theirs, I can post the pictures:

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