Sunday, November 16, 2008

Siena's Cave

Jason and Anna are good buddies with little Siena (daughter of mutual friends), who is turning three. Recently Jason and Siena have started a tradition of building a cave whenever their families get together. Sometimes it can be a hassle to find a blanket or sheet to use, so Jason decided to give one to her as a birthday gift that would be specifically used for their cave. What a creative idea!
Per his request, I bought a black king-sized sheet and embroidered "Siena's Cave" in pink (a favorite color of Siena's) using Embird Alphabet #18. Envision a sheet being draped over some chairs, and centered over the entrance is this:

On the back corner I also added the to/from information. I'm guessing these are nick names they have for each other:

My camera struggles photographing the black and red combination; trying to compensate with Photoshop really washed out the blue. Please know that Annaliese grabbed her stuffed Elmo and Grover and helped me pick thread colors that matched exactly. :) Oh, and she picked the pink, too, which is much brighter than pictured. All the colors look much better in person.

Maybe the next time the FitzSimmons and Rodgers get together they can take a picture of the sheet in use as a cave!

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