Friday, May 29, 2009

Monogrammed Stocking

About a year ago Lily was born. This spring her mom asked if I would monogram the stocking they bought for her at Christmas. She gave me her husband's stocking, and my goal was to match the font, size, thread type and color. I should have taken a picture of John's stocking so you could judge how well I did, but I didn't. Here's Lily's stocking, ready to go for next Christmas!

Thankfully the font was easy to match (Times New Roman-ish) and I used Embird Alphabet #16. Metallic thread is a challenge that I'm going to have to either avoid altogether or spend lots of time practicing...

As I was stitching this, I remembered a couple other stockings I did but never blogged about. In December 2007 Susie bought a couple stockings for her daughter, anticipating a marriage proposal. I stitched them at that time, but Susie decided to wait and give them as a wedding gift for their November 2008 wedding. Of course my December was a little crazy and I didn't think about them again until this week. :) I used Embird Alphabet #2 for these.

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