Thursday, October 27, 2011

Donated Quilt

Several weeks back Annaliese came home from school all excited about an upcoming field trip/service project to the local animal shelter. Amidst her rambling I heard something about making a blanket for kitties but couldn't get many more details out of her, so I emailed her teacher to let her know I am an (out of practice) quilter and could lend a hand if need be. She took me up on that offer :) and put me in contact with another teacher who gave me all the specifics.  Once the kids had drawn pictures of owls on fabric squares, she passed them on to me to put together into a small quilt. Yesterday the class visited the animal shelter, and along with lots of other donations of needed supplies, the class donated this quilt:
Here are closeup pictures of the students' artwork:

I picked blue, brown and tan fabrics from my stash to coordinate with the marker colors the children used. Simple patchwork with 4.5" squares, quilting lines across the diagonals of the blocks.
Before passing it off to the employees of the shelter, I did take a class picture:
The quilt was VERY well received. The kids were thanked a couple different times, which was pretty special. This lady was especially grateful and complimentary:
As we toured the animal shelter, we got to see several kitty quilts in use. Each cat that is up for adoption has a small quilt in it's crate. The purpose is to provide comfort and a sense of homeyness (plus maybe it makes the cat look more adoptable??). Some of the quilts were really pretty! Pardon my poor photography, I was in a hurry and the camera focused more on the bars than the quilt inside. But you get the gist...
Here are some other lovely quilts waiting to be used (I know nothing of their origins):
While I've done many rag quilts, I haven't made a traditional quilt in several years. It was nice to "practice" again on this project, especially since the recipients wouldn't judge my not-so-straight quilting lines and non-mitered binding. ;) Now maybe I can get my rear in gear to finish Dashiell's baby quilt... before his third birthday???

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Tiffany on April 18, 2012 at 3:24 PM said...

What a neat project! I love that your children have such an excited heart to serve at such a young age.





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