Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Placemats

Even though I adore our monogrammed placemats, my son (4 years old) complains often because his doesn't look like a D. Ha! So when I saw these new scribble designs from Embroidery Boutique, I decided to grab some red placemats and make a new set for our family to use during December.
I picked four different designs (all that use greenery) but selected the same fabric to keep them matching. The scribble designs are so fast and a cool look! I used HNBL for a crisper finish, but it's not required, a raggy finish would be neat, too. (And my friend Katie used the designs without fabric for some very elegant napkins, check it out here)
Annaliese and I might fight over this one... I think my favorite is the Scribble Whimsy Tree
Here's the Scribble Wreath
And Scribble Simple Tree
And finally Scribble Holly. Don't judge, this was my first one. Didn't use HNBL. Didn't trim quite as neatly as I should have, and DUH red berries are NOT going to show up on a red placemat. After testing this one Rachel did do a new version with applique berries that is really cute. I've bought a new placemat to try again with that design. :) I think using a redish fabric will provide enough contrast so they show up better. We'll see if I actually get to it before we decorate for Christmas...
Here they are all laid out on our little table, I like them!
So go check out EB's new scribble designs. On sale now! The product pictures show them beautifully stitched on shirts, but as you can see, they are very versatile designs!

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