Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ok peeps, true confession time. I'm coming up on five years of doing custom embroidery, and until last month I had never used a Monag item. Embarrassing, right?? I have a tax ID number and could apply for a wholesale account, but I don't have the upfront money or storage space to buy in bulk, so I just don't. Until my friend Nicole put in a request for an empire waist knit dress and I started doing research. I found someone destashing dresses on Applique Forum for a decent price and decided to buy a few. Then I found a matching long sleeved shirt at Studio MCA and got to work!
Nicole wanted applique name items for her kids. I used the Cade Applique Alphabet from Embroidery Boutique. I had to do some resizing to get the names to fit in my hoop, but that's why zig zag fonts are perfect for these projects!
The kids looked so cute together a couple weeks ago at church!

I also got a pink dress for my daughter. I really wanted to do an applique name for her, but she just wanted an A. I should be grateful instead of disappointed -- one letter is easier than nine! :) We picked Lynnie Pinnie's Applique Swirl font.
So after working on these three items, I'm "sold". Monag is a fantastic brand for embroidery work. Someday when I go big time :) I will use them exclusively. Until then, I've got four red long sleeved empire dresses in my stash (size 2, 4, 6, 8) and will order from resellers like Studio MCA. Top notch customer service!!

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kyla on January 18, 2016 at 8:14 PM said...

Does anybody know what happened to Studio MCA? None of their links seem to work.





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