Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Fall You Guys!

My FINALLY project:
I finally used one of the colored microfiber towels I bought the first week of October. 
I finally used this cute chevron from Hobby Lobby. 
I finally used this adorable Pumpkin Applique from She Sew Chic that I *had* to have (even though I own a ton of pumpkin designs already). 
And I finally used this fun phrase jokingly suggested amidst one of many "how do you spell y'all?" debates in a Facebook group. I mean, it's spelled "y'all" but I don't actually say "y'all." I've lived in the south for seven years, but my Midwest roots run deep. So for fun, I added "Happy Fall you guys!" with the Punctuation Matters font from 8CP. It makes me smile. :)
And yes, in a mere six days I'll be getting out my Christmas towels. But I finally got this done, and it will be waiting for me next fall!

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