Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recent stitching for my family

Here are a few random things I have done for my family recently.
Confession -- I am a T-shirt and jeans girl. Always have been, always will be. Maybe putting a big monogram on a sweatshirt will dress me up a bit! Even this picture isn't all that accurate. If you see me wearing my new digs, I guarantee my hair will be in a ponytail!
This is Master Circle from Monogram Wizard. A friend digitized it for me (thanks Kristie!). Now that I know what a 6" monogram looks like in person, the Fancy Circle Monogram from Itch 2 Stitch is definitely on my wish list.
The nice thing about monogramming myself is that I can break all sorts of monogramming rules. I've been doing embroidery for over 5 years and this is only the second time I've done my 3-letter monogram. (First time was on my fall rag bag.) I go by my middle name, so I'm not a fan of my traditional first/LAST/middle monogram. Don't get me wrong, Mom, I love my name :) I'd just rather not have to have multiple conversations about why there is a K on my shirt. Plus the left J is always so much prettier than the right! So I opted for middle/LAST/maiden. Love how it turned out! I'm seriously considering adding a tone-on-tone monogram to every blank shirt in my wardrobe now.

I made a shirt for Annaliese that is appropriate to wear 364 days a year!
The Alice cutie is from Lynnie Pinnie, and I added the text with Going to Disney from 8CP. (I can't take credit for the phrase though. I was inspired by a cute project done by Sweet Maple Baby. Thanks for letting me be a copycat, Sarah!)
I picked this shade of blue fabric because I loved it. I was so excited when Annaliese paired it with this skirt, completely forgot she had it! Note her pose... all day long she put her little hands out to be like Alice. :)
And this sweet towel is hanging in my kitchen:
Don't you love this cornucopia design (also from LP)? I love all the detail in the stitching (leaves, pie pan, satin stitches around the corn). I had fun picking fabrics for this!

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