Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Changes for 2014

2013 brought lots of exciting things my way... testing designs for digitizers, attending the Applique Getaway, a big order that I've yet to reveal, joining The Itch 2 Stitch team. As a few of those thing grew, my ability to juggle everything during the fall wasn't so hot and I found myself dropping the wrong balls. So for 2014 I am choosing to set one ball down for a while -- custom embroidery orders. Already I have not been accepting orders from the public for over a year, but now I will not be taking custom orders from my dear friends and long time customers either.

Whew, that was a hard sentence to type, but it needs to be said. :) I will reevaluate thing when Dashiell starts kindergarten, but for now I will just be doing embroidery projects that I initiate. I'm still doing design testing, and sometimes troubleshooting with an I2S customer will require me to stitch something really quick, so there may be opportunities for friends to get Stitched by Janay products, but it will be on my terms. I haven't worked out the details yet. Mostly I'm looking forward to being able to monogram a bunch of stuff for myself that I haven't taken the time to do!

So let me wrap this up with some suggestions.
-- Church friends, remember Katie (at Timberlane) does sewing and embroidery. Granted she's busy with three little kids :) but it's worth asking if you need a monogrammed baby item! And Sarah (formerly at Meridian Woods) does embroidery work, too (SEDesigns).

--If you are local to me and want to find someone local to do monogramming or applique projects for you, I highly recommend Frances at Simply Monograms. We met online first and then discovered we lived literally 5 minutes from each other. She saved me recently by monogramming a bag I just could not get on my machine. She does beautiful work!

--If you find something being sold in an Etsy shop that you really like, I recommend you order it from that shop :) Support the gal who has already done the work to make something adorable!

--If you would like suggestions on reputable sellers, these are just a handful of some gals that I've gotten to know in the applique world. They do phenomenal work and use lots of the same digitizers that I love. This is NOT exhaustive, I may add to it in the future. In no particular order...
London Stitches FB Etsy
Davette's Designs FB
Sew Close to the Edge FB Etsy
Little Darlings FB Etsy
Layne James FB website
Leopard Spots and Lizard Tails FB Website
A Stitching We Will Go FB
Pitter Patter Boutique FB Website
Every Girl Needs a Bow FB Website

--One of my most popular items has been the Special Delivery onesie. I am aware of this site where they are also available: Shop Suey

Again, thanks for being along with me on this journey! A hobby turned little-business-that-basically-pays-for-itself turned real job as a digitizer's assistant! Who would have guessed?!? So glad I started this blog. :)

2 comments on "Changes for 2014"

Sabrina on January 7, 2014 at 7:56 PM said...

Congratulations Janay:) As someone who has and still does love your work, I am happy that you are making this change. It seems to be coming at just the right time:) Keep on posting and inspiring people!

MikKnits on January 7, 2014 at 8:17 PM said...

Thank you for not giving up your blog! It has helped me tremendously!





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