Monday, November 5, 2007

Promotional Video

A while back I set up a YouTube account so that I could subscribe to videos (especially ones that Carlin was posting which were not available to the public). Carlin decided to make me a little video so that my YouTube page would have something on it!

He asked me to pick out pictures of twelve of my favorite projects. That was challenging. I decided on six of my favorite quilts and six embroidery projects that show the variety of things I can do. I didn't want to include pictures of other children, so that eliminated a few projects. Then he put it all together adding music, motion graphics, text, and SHINE! I think the final product is pretty neat! It reminds me of the opener to several of the quilting shows on PBS. :)

The only thing we are not sold on is the very end. We settled on "Janay's Stitches", but that's open for suggestions. I'm not very creative when it comes to wordsmith sort of stuff. I challenge you to help us come up with something better! I'd love to use either my initials (KJT) or Janay or Trammel, but I'm open to anything!

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