Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ebay listings!

About two years ago I did quite a bit of stitching in preparation for a couple opportunities to set up a craft table.

As part of that I stitched several crayon rolls in assorted materials. I received several orders for personalized crayon rolls, plus a huge order from a church, but ended up having most of my original inventory left over. They got packed away, and kind of forgotten.

Today as Carlin was listing a couple of his eBay auctions, he asked if I had anything I wanted to sell. So I dug out the crayon rolls, and he did all the rest of the work to get them listed! Feel free to take a peek: Stitched by Janay's Ebay Auctions I'll let you know in a month how things have gone.

Oh, I still have two of those rag quilts and some of Amy's headbands left, if anyone is interested. :)

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