Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daisha's Baby Shower Gift

Today was the fourth baby shower of our current baby boom at church. I've known it was coming (obviously...) so I've had ideas churning in my head for a while, but with the holidays and travel, I wasn't able to actually start until a couple days ago. Thankfully I was able to narrow down my ideas and get it all done in time! Here's what I came up with, details below:

About a month ago I was over at Daisha's and got to see the fabric she had purchased to make the bedding for little Naomi. She gave me some swatches so I could try to coordinate. She is also using some adorable frog prince decorations, tying together the acronym FROG="Fully Relying On God" with the idea that God will provide Naomi with her future prince. I loved that concept and decided I needed to incorporate it somehow. Here's the picture of Naomi's crib that Daisha sent me Thursday night:

I used an applique frog design from Hatched In Africa's Funky Frogz designs. I added a crown to make him a frog prince.

I used Embird Alphabet #33 to add the text to another square.

So the front is a 4-patch of flannel, the back is super soft minkee-like fabric, and there are loops of satin ribbon around the edge to make it a multi-sensory lovey.

I wish my blog included feel-o-vision, because it's SO SOFT! :) I don't think the colors are a perfect match, but I was pleased with the results. Minkee isn't the easiest thing to work with, but I learned a lot, and the next one should go more smoothly.

I used the ever-popular Dot Alphabet for a monogram, adding "naomi" in Acadian font, both free designs from Sew Forum. I used threads to match her bedding, but couldn't find any ribbon that worked well, so I didn't add that. Maybe if Daisha has some left over fabric or trim we can spice it up even more...

Next is a burp cloth that Daddy will be proud to use among all the pinks and purples. JR is a huge Orioles baseball fan, so I used the baseball sucker holder designs from Embroidery Garden (a freebie on her yahoo group) and added the text with Embird Alphabet #2. Carlin helped me out on this one. I wasn't going to actually do the applique since it was a white ball on a white cloth diaper. But when I showed Carlin the design on screen, he ran to get his baseball and showed me the color and texture. So I dug through my stash and found a heavy linen fabric that worked really well. I'm glad I asked his opinion!

JR and Daisha also get to do some research for me. Last time I ordered cloth diapers from Stitched and Stamped, she was running low on the infant size and substituted the regular sized cloth diapers instead. They are significantly bigger, so now I can get input on which size is really best for future purchases.

And finally, a pacifier clip. Doesn't match anything else, but is bright and girly!

The fifth shower is in a week, so back to the sewing machine!

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Daisha on January 8, 2008 at 9:48 PM said...

The gifts are great. And JR LOVED the specialized burp cloth for him to use with his little girl.

Thank you so much, Janay!





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