Sunday, January 20, 2008

Too busy to update!

Well, it may seem to my faithful readers that I have taken the week off. Actually, I've been so busy filling orders this week that I haven't taken the time to update my blog! Virtually all of the items my friends ordered were gifts, so as I get permission from them to post, I will update my blog.

Before launching into that, though...

I realized this morning that I never posted a project I worked on when we were home for Christmas. Kathy let me use her embroidery machine to stitch out a few Sewing For Sarah rolls that I cannot do -- they require a larger stitch field than I have on my machine. Let me repeat, I cannot make these for you unless you pay me to go back home to IL. And believe me, that would be cheaper than buying me a machine with a 6x10 stitch field, but I would acceptable that solution, too, if you are so inclined. :)

I used Kathy's machine to make Annaliese a new matching set of coloring utensil rolls. One holds 8 markers, one holds 12 crayons, and the other holds 8 colored pencils (which I can do on my machine).

This time instead of using ribbon for a tie closure or making an embroidered velcro closure, I used ponytail holders. These are the cheap kind, so they are extra stretchy, making it easy for Annaliese to pull off and on herself.

I did stitch out a few extras while I was there. Kylie and Kenzie got a set of marker and pencil rolls to go with the crayon rolls I made them in July to match their tote bags. And I have two more marker rolls reserved for a friend who expressed interest. If she doesn't want them, they'll be up for grabs! Sorry I didn't get more made while we were in IL... I was having too much fun making my first A-Line dress!

Keep in mind that I CAN make a crayon roll for 8/9 crayons, an 8-pencil roll, a 4-marker roll, and a 6-toddler crayon or chalk roll. Lots of options for what can go inside, and now three options for closing them, tie a ribbon bow, personalized velcro closure, or a ponytail holder!

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