Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First real digitizing attempt!!

For Christmas I got Embird Studio digitizing software. My in-laws also got me some tutorials, so I did some playing while I was home in IL. About the same time, Valerie bought some cute leggings for our girls on clearance and asked if I could embroider on shirts to match. After seeing the pants in person, I searched high and low for a design that would suit them. Coming up dry, I decided to jump head first into digitizing and create a design myself. Carlin scanned in the pants and created a black and white jpg of the design. I imported that into my software and got to work. My first attempt was ok, but less than desirable. After consulting with an Embird pro (Peggy of Pegboard Crafts), I started over with a much better sense of how to accomplish the task. I finished designing it today and did a test stitch. While there are flaws, I'm tickled with how it turned out, especially since it's my first real attempt. Click the image for a bigger view:

So what do you think, Valerie? Good enough? If so, bring me two shirts tomorrow! I just might have these done in time for Valentine's Day! :)

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Tiffany on February 6, 2008 at 3:44 PM said...

Janay - that is absoltuely gorgeous!!! The girls are going to have a ball wearing those and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun digitizing other things in the future.

Oh yeah - and two side notes: 1) AJ got his package and called me laughing outlod about the koozies. He said they looked absolutely perfect and hilarious. So, thanks! 2) Annaliese's drawing for the Kids' Contribution on Sunday was just too cute for words. Please congratulate your little artist for me. It was a wonderful reminder of how excited we should all be about our opportunity to give back to God.





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