Wednesday, December 9, 2009

God is Good!

Ok, so Sunday afternoon I was feeling pretty good about my sewing to-do list, seemed as though most of my orders were such that I could tackle them this week and move to gifts for family next. That night I was chugging away on a big order. Five minutes left on the last design and my machine came to a screeching halt, LITERALLY. Horrible noise, and the needle bar would not move. LOVELY timing.

My attitude was a little rotten on Monday, but by Tuesday I wasn't feeling quite so negative. This morning Dashiell and I headed to the nearest Janome dealer (about 1.5 hrs away). Mr. Henson was able to repair it while we browsed a lovely quilt shop and ate lunch. D and I had the machine back in the car by noon, and headed home. He was a fantastic travel buddy. He blessed me further by letting me move him from his car seat to crib and continue his nap. That enabled me to immediately set up my machine and get back to work.

I was able to pick right up where I left off and finish the last five minutes of the design... you can't even tell where I stopped and started. WHAT A BLESSING!

Annaliese and I have a deal -- if she wants to go to Bible class on Wednesday night, she has to try to take a nap after school. So I got more time this afternoon when both kids were in bed to complete that big order of casserole carriers (pics later). Even got them delivered tonight. And paid, which covers the cost of today's adventure. :)

God truly blessed me today with a speedy repair that didn't cost a fortune, good kids, and successful stitching. THANK YOU, LORD!

But the reality is, I lost 2.5 days worth of sewing time, and now I have to face the fact that not everything is going to get done. Maybe that's why this happened, to teach me to not set such lofty goals for myself... maybe someday I'll learn. :) So I'm off to create a priority list.

When I was considering the possibility that my machine couldn't be repaired quickly, I realized I was going to be very mad if, after stitching so many first birthday shirts this year, I didn't get to stitch one for my own son. So I'm taking a brief hiatus from orders to stitch a few things for Dashiell. As I type I'm doing his 1st birthday, Christmas and New Years bibs. Tomorrow morning I'll do his "1" shirt. Then I'll return to orders. Then tackle gifts with what time I have left.

All that being said, I'll probably be stitching like a maniac (again, Lord willing), but not be able to blog about most of it until December 25. So stay tuned!

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