Saturday, March 24, 2012

Future World's Strongest Woman

Brittany's husband is a contestant in a strongman competition this weekend, and she wanted something special for her daughter to wear. She requested the text, "Future World's Strongest Woman." Now, I could have just used one of my Embird alphabets to type out the text and stitch away, but of course I didn't take the easy route. :) Even though I haven't purchased or stitched a single one, I love all the text embroidery designs that have become popular recently, so I tried my hand at using multiple fonts from 8 Claws and a Paw to create a typography-like design and I love the results!
"Future" is the Diner font. I used an envelope in Embird to give it it's shape. "World's" and "Woman" are the Alexis font -- I wanted them to look elegant. "Strongest" is the Cinderella font -- I wanted it to be bold but not boring.
I hope Dave does well. But whatever the outcome, his daughter is certain to have the world's cutest shirt. ;)

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