Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recent Monogramming

We have had more than our fair share of stormy weather the last few weeks! I haven't accomplished much other than some straightforward monogramming. And I apologize in advance for the lackluster photos...

In general I really like the Natural Circle monogram, but the left D bugs me. I've used it before for Dashiell, but now that he is older he probably would not accept the backwards D. The O actually looks more like a D, so I cobbled together my own mockup of a modified D and asked Itch 2 Stitch if she could create an alternative. I love the results!!
Tracy bought this cute dress and asked me to monogram it. She picked 8CP's Tinker Toy. It looks super cute on her!
Stripes make me nervous, so to insure I didn't get it crooked I stitched a line on stabilizer, then attached the dress with spray adhesive and pins, lining up a stripe on the dress.

Worked as well as possible!

Katie made these adorable A-line dresses and asked me to monogram them.
On the blue striped seersucker I used 8CP's Monogram 3
And on the gray dot I used Katelyn's Kreative Stitches' Elegant Monogram
When Brooks was a baby his grandmother asked me to monogram a blanket purchased at the hospital, and now that little Caden is here I have monogrammed his, too, using 8CP's Jane Doe
At Caden's baby shower, one of the hostess's mom had monogrammed several little items for a bunting on the mantle, such a cute decoration! His grandma bought 2 matching polos for big brother Brooks and asked me to monogram them to match. I used Jolson's Hobo Mini font.
And finally a burp cloth using Appliqué Momma's Sports Patch Design and 8CP's College Block Small. Had to get a touch of applique in this post! :)

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