Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eat Ham!

A while back my friend Laura asked if I could make her boys matching turkey shirts. I updated my Pinterest Turkey board and sent here there to pick a design from all the cute ones I own. She picked I2S's Eat Ham design.  Now that I work for I2S I know some insider info... Cristy is gradually going back and updating older designs. So before starting I asked if this was on the list to be updated because I could kill two birds with one stone by testing and completing Laura's order. The good news--he was on the list and he got a total makeover! Aren't these cute?!
The new design comes in 4 sizes. I requested a smaller 5x7 size. When a design fills the whole height of a 5x7 hoop it's sometimes too big for a toddler shirt (well, in my opinion; I'm not a "go big or go home!" kind of girl). Squarish designs are fine, they go up in increments of 1". But there's a huge difference between a 4" tall and a 7" tall design! So be on the look out for more 5.5" sized designs :) This allowed me to add his name without having to resize myself or rehoop. Yay!
This is the 4x4 size (has a filled collar). I added their name with Behind These Hazel Eyes.

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