Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make that 28 shirts :)

Ok, ok, I know yesterday I said it was ridiculous that Annaliese has 27 custom embroidered short sleeved shirts. But at least six of those are seasonal and not exactly in the mix right now. AND this is a shirt/skirt set that I've been intending to work on for a long time, in fact I've had the fabrics picked out since spring break (the ONLY two in my stash that match the skirt) just waiting for the right design.

We settled on the hot air balloon applique design from Planet Applique.

I'll be honest, I'm not thrilled with the shirt. It's not the design -- I think the hot air balloon is precious and it stitched out just fine. The problem is my fabric choice. And my current mood. But Annaliese loves it, so that's what matters. I LOVE HER! :)

I used the smaller size of two lavender shirts I have for Annaliese, so she will outgrow this one quickly and I can redeem myself on the second shirt.

I do still plan to stitch a back to school shirt for her. I do not know what it will be yet, but hopefully by Monday morning it will be done!

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