Saturday, August 14, 2010

No bake cookies

These no bake cookies have no calories, too! :)

Today I stitched more designs from the play food sets I told you about here. The snack set is not yet available on SWAK, I'll try to update with a link once they are listed.
Chocolate Chip cookies:

All the sugar cookie designs came with embroidered sprinkles, but I left those off and used my new sprinkle fabrics.

I kind of regret using this fabric on the heart and flower cookies -- since the patches are so small and satin stitches are so LONG, very few sprinkles actually show up. Oh well! This fabric will be good for the poptart designs, as well as all the adorable cupcake designs I have to go on birthday shirts. :)

Side note: According to blogger this is my 500th blog post. CRAZY! Thanks for reading!

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