Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snowcones! (Plus coupon code, Woo-hoo!)

***Be sure to read all the way through to get a special coupon code for fabric and shirts!!***

A couple months ago while shopping Annaliese picked a "Dolly and Me" outfit set to purchase. To be honest, it wasn't my first choice, but it was on sale, and it was her birthday money, so I let her get what she wanted. :) The skirts in the set are cute, I just wasn't thrilled with the tops that came with them.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I received a package from Whimsical Designs -- a set of shirts that I won from a Facebook contest. Most of the shirts are bigger sizes to save for the future, but the white one fits Annaliese right now. When I saw the lettuce edges it made me think of her three-tiered skirt, and I started brainstorming design ideas. We considered a 3-scoop ice cream cone, a striped Popsicle, but agreed it just had to be this adorable snow cone! Perfect for summer!
The Rainbow Snow Cone design is from Lynnie Pinnie. All these fabrics were in my stash! The stripe isn't quite perfect, I'd love to swap out that lime for a dark blue. But I'm sure if I hit every fabric store in town I wouldn't find anything better!
I used the 5x7 size on Annaliese's shirt, and I reduced the 4x4 design to 80% for the doll shirt (which is just a cut-off newborn onesie). That's another reason I LOVE Lynnie Pinnie designs -- her wide satin stitches make it possible to reduce appliques for fun projects like this.
Ok, so becoming a fan of Whimsical Fabrics on Facebook has been a pretty good decision on my part. I've won some beautiful fabric, some adorable lettuce edge shirts, and there's one more thing --  a coupon code for 5% off purchases... AND I get to share the code with YOU! Can you believe it? So if you need any Riley Blake Fabrics or cute little blank shirts, head to Whimsical Designs and before you check out, use the following code: JANAY611. It's good on your entire purchase (gift cards excluded) and you can use it multiple times.
BONUS -- the tees are 15% off through June 15, and you can use the coupon code on top of that!
Thanks Danielle!!
New one-time use coupon code, valid through September 2011: JANAY911.

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